Visa for Nicaragua

Lately they got more strict with giving visas to foreigners. You need a plane or a bus ticket now which proofs that you are leaving the country. If you want a 3 month Visa make sure the exit ticket is booked in the third month. If not they give you 30-60 days only.

In general European Union citizens don’t need a Visa for Nicaragua. At the airport you have to pay U$ 10,- to enter the country then you get a tourist visa for 3 month. You have the possibility to extend the visa once. I know an office in León which sends your passport to Managua and after they got it back with the stamps you can pick it up. It costs around C$ 520,- / U$ 17,- for each month up to 3 more month.

Go to a migration office for example in Managua and get your visa and passport immediately back. The process takes about 2 hours depends how many people are there. The migration office is open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 3 pm. It used to be at Metro Centro (shopping mall) but it ‘s only for locals now. You need:

  • your passport
  • 1550 Cordobas for 3 month (they don’t except dollars)
  • color copy of the picture page of your passport
  • copy of the page with the original entrance stamp
  • copy of your plane or bus ticket when you are leaving the country

Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería Managua

Most of the time it is very busy there so be there at opening time. No matter if people are already in line go inside and get the visa extension form called prorroga first. They charge you 5,- Cordobas for the form. Time to get in line and fill the form with your datas. They take all your papers and passport and will ask you when exactly you are leaving the country. As soon as they checked everything you will get the stamp in your passport and they return it immediately.

Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería León
De la esquina de los Bancos 25 varas al norte, León, Nicaragua

If y0u are staying in León you can also try to extend your Visa in the migration office close to the bank street. They will send the Passport to Managua and you’ll get it a week later back.

Some of my friends are going with a local bus to Costa Rica. The round trip costs around 300 Cordobas if you are living in León and takes about 1 day. Usually they stamp you in and out and you can go back on the same day. Once I heard that a friend had to stay overnight. Close to the border there is a town called La Cruz with some hostels.
Good to know: Nicaragua is member of the CA-4 agreement with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras which means if you have a 90 days visa for Nicaragua it’s also valid for the other CA-4 member countries. So if you are traveling to Honduras your visa is not automatically extending for another 90 days!

If you are just a few days more than 3 month in Nicaragua the migration office will tell you to pay the U$ 8,- fine at the airport or the border to Costa Rica. Additional to the fine you have to pay U$ 2,- per day that you are over staying. The paperwork just for a few days extension would be more work than the payment at the border. The nicaraguan governement is not as strict as others. So if you are paying the fine you are allowed to reenter the country without any problems.